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Cancellation Policy

Yes, you can cancel the shoot if needed.

If you cancel the shoot after booking a slot, we charge a nominal fee for the cancellation, which includes the incurred loss.

The cancellation fee must be paid at the time of cancellation.

No, there is no refund provided if the shoot is canceled after booking and we are already in the post-production phase.

If you need to cancel the shoot due to any circumstances, the cancellation fee will still apply.

To cancel the shoot, please reach out to us through our contact channels and inform us about your decision to cancel.

Yes, you can discuss the possibility of rescheduling the shoot with us. However, rescheduling is subject to availability.

The cancellation policy applies to all shoot cancellations, regardless of the circumstances.

The nominal cancellation fee is determined based on the incurred loss and is specified in our terms and conditions.
Please note that the cancellation policy applies only to shoot cancellations and does not cover other aspects of our services.

No, the advance payment made to book the slot is non-refundable in case of cancellation.