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Starting from the basics, This is how we do it.

Account launching and Establishing Presence
Helping from the very beginning to launch your business at E-commerce portal (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, limeroad, myntra, Firstcry and other leading portals), right from the Company and GST registration with the basic training of handling portal.

Account management
It’s not always possible to management each and every aspects in industries single handedly, so here comes our expert portal managers will help you out in managing your E commerce Portals and resolving all related issues like sale boosting, listing products, creating tickets, reimbursement of wrong or defected returns, dealing with payment related issue. It can help you in cost reduction for not have a particular team for managing ecommerce account.

Accurate listing can help in increasing the visibility of product, Right cataloguing vertical in which the product belong can help in magnificent conversions, and uploading the product with appropriate listing details and researched keyword can boost the product sale, and uplift the account authority.

Improving the quality and review count
If an account is performing lowers in terms of Visiblity & profitability, than there is definitely some issues need to monitor. Estimating the issue in product quality, reviews and rating can boost the sale organically, which is the best way to grow organically on the platform like E commerce.

Boosting product and running campaign
Gaining effective results in sales, product boosting plays an important role. We can activate deals in particular product or run paid promotions, running campaigns Ads for particular period of time can promote product and services to larger audience in very cost effective manners. Planning and strategies need to bring out the best out of your promotions, understanding the mood of market need of product in market can generate the best out of the investment.

Increasing sales
If you are not getting enough sales on your portal than you definitely need an expert which can resolve your issue by proper analyzing the portal. E commerce is not a kind of platform to give you an overnight success, it need consistency and keen eye on the portals to reduce losses and grow your sale. Activating the helpful tools like Automatic Pricing, and bulk pricing, competitive pricing, timely order processing, adding new listing each month etc are few of the examples to increase the sales organically.

Keyword research
Keyword research is the very beginning process while starting a business. In order to grow faster and efficiently in the market, keyword research will help you to understand the demand of consumer, like vise while listing the product on E commerce keyword research play a vital role to enter most researched term as keyword. Keywords research is done externally by the expert to bring out the best result and selecting the particular keyword according to product. Keywords also help in finding the winning product that can turn the graph of your growth perpendicularly.

What we actually do is much more, 
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